Alfredo: so many people passed next to him indifferently


Name: Alfredo

Gender: M

Age: ~beg 2011

Size: big (36kg, 60cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, personality, temperament:
In January 2013, Alfredo was found in a very ugly neighbourhood, laying on the ground with two front legs broken. The neighbourhood was so ugly that noone cared about a wounded dog laying there. Many many hours passed and finally one man, probably the only one with a bit of a heart there, called the shelter and ask if the dog could be taken there. Milu from Cantinho da Milu had no heart to say no, knowing that the dog would not survive much longer there, even if the shelter is overcrowded and even if that meant again high expenditure with no external help…. She went to get the dog and took it to the vet. There, at the vet, it was diagnosed that his leg fractures were probably due to being beaten with a stick, as they did not seem to come from a car accident. The dog stayed many weeks at the vet and now finally he went to the shelter. One leg is already healed quickly but the other was in much more serious stay and he had to wear a cast for long time. Finally the cast was removed but unfortunately Alfredo will always limp on this leg… He feels no pain, he is quite comfortable with it but he visibly limps.

Alfredo resulted to be an absolutely lovely dog, extremely gentle. He is sweet with people and gentle with other dogs, males and females, all size. So friendly and patient. Also very calm temperament so at least he does not feel like running and jumping, he just walks calmly around or lays down and sleeps in the sun – in that way we think that his handicap does not bother him too much.

In July he did 4 weeks of therapy in the swimming pool, one hour per day and he already walks much better, see movies below to compare.

See pictures:

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See movie:
May 2014:

July 2013 after the hydrotherapy session:

April 2013:

January 2013:

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