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Lilith: an irresponsible adoption!


Name: Lilith

Gender: female

Age: d.o.b.: ~June 2013

Size: small-medium (9kg, 40cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:
A man came to the shelter and he wanted to adopt a dog. He did not seem like a good adoptant so he did not get a dog. So he went to a municipal kennel and there he got a dog. From the municipal kennels anyone can get a dog, no questions asked. Two weeks later he did not want the dog anymore (December 2013), because he said she barked too much (actually she does not… we have never heard her). So he brought her to the shelter and left her there.
This is how Lilith came to the shelter. She was not even 1 year old then….
She is a sweet dog, social with other dogs, very playful and nice with people. Maybe a bit shy at the first encounter but it passes.
OK with cats. Lovely with other dogs. Gentle.
She loves spending her days basking in the sun. Very calm dog actually.
Unfortunately already many years in the shelter….
In the meantime she got blind. That was really surprising as she was quite young but her eyes started to get milky until she got completely blind. She is completely used to the shelter and she orientates herself very well but she will never see. So very slim chances of ever finding a home….

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