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Cantinho da Milu shelter needs new veterinary scales

Veterinary scales is something essential for the functioning of the shelter.
The dogs’ health state needs to be constantly monitored. This is why they need to be weighed when they enter the shelter and then regularly to be able to discover if any is loosing weight and maybe getting sick.
If sick, the dogs need to be weighed to calculate the exact dosage of medications or injections.
People that adopt want to know the dogs’ size.
In all: the shelter cannot function without proper scales.

Unfortunately the old ones are broken and seem irreparable, this is why Cantinho da Milu needs new ones. Can we help them to buy it? The cost is around 300€….


Molotoff – adopted as Toffie


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Estrela: a very special life story


Name: Estrela

Gender: female

Age: beg 2011

Size: medium (16kg, 50cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:
Estrela appeared one day on the street with another dog. Both very scared and very skinny. A lady started to feed them. It took her long time to gain confidence of those scared dogs – and the confidence was that she could approach them close enough but she could never touch them. From other people they run away.
Life on the street is not a solution, this is why one day they were caught – with the use of a trap – and brought to the shelter. There, in the shelter, they continued the same, very scared of people. When people entered their kennel, they were running away or hiding. It was impossible to catch them.
Over a year passed. The other dog was sterilized immediately but Estrela, during the sterilization, had a bad reaction to anesthesia and the operation was interrupted. Like this she was not sterilized. Somehow this was forgotten and Estrela managed to enter into heat, get pregnant and have a puppy. She had only one puppy, this is why no one noticed her pregnancy.
But this is what changed it all. As she was with the puppy, she could not run away anymore. She had to accept that people were coming to see the puppy and the vet was coming to deworm it or vaccinate it – and finally she had to accept that people were not that scary and not that bad after all.
The puppy found a home but Estrela changed. She is still a very shy dog but not so scared and traumatised as before. Now we can enter her kennel and even if she still keeps a safe distance, she does not run away and she even sometimes wags her tail. She is more relaxed and happier and she even plays with the dog that she shares her kennel with.
In the meantime she was also sterilized, in an outside clinic with a special equipment to avoid that the reaction to anesthesia could repeat itself but anyway nothing happened, everything went well.
Estrela is still a shy dog and she would need a very special home but we hope that she will find such home, that she will not spend the whole life in the shelter.

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