Pulga: the owner thinks she does not like him/ reserved


Name: Pulga

Gender: female

Age: d-o-b ~February 2014

Size: small (7kg, 40cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:
Pulga is small and lovely. She is affectionate with people and she cries for attention. She is also good with other dogs.
She was adopted as a puppy and given back 5 months later. Reason: when the owner walks her without the leash, she does not come back when called. Sometimes she runs far and she does not come back for long time. So the owner says: “she does not like me. After 5 months she should have developped a stronger link with me.” How about training? Does he think the dogs are mind readers? He came back later on to us and wanted to adopt another puppy. He thought he has done nothing wrong… No, we did not give him a puppy. What for? To get it back when adult?

Unfortunately since then Pulga has been with us. Everyone wants to adopt puppies but not so many people offer homes to adult dogs.

Pulga is lovely, gentle, social with other dogs and affectionate with people.

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Pulga as puppy:

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  1. Hi DOP. I met Pulga last year with this owner. I’m sorry to hear she had to go back to the shelter, I’ll miss seeing her. She is an affectionate dog and likes to jump up beside you when you visit and loves to play with your shoes/toes !! I took her for walks but she does like to explore! she really loves to follow her nose and before you know it she sometimes can end up far from you, she is a young dog and gets excited by all the new smells. It would be better if any new owners had a bigger garden or space she can be outside, she enjoys that. She has been loved and looked after very well, she would mix well with other dogs or kids in a family


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