Lotus: generous mum!


Name: Lotus

Gender: F

Breed: Spanish galgo

Age: d-o-b: mid-2014

Size: big (29kg, 55cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:
Lotus was brought to us from a place where someone keeps dogs and they are very neglected. Terrible conditions. She was there, with 7 puppies and they were all covered with ticks. The “owner” wanted to give her away and the puppies too – unfortunately he gave us only 3 puppies. He kept other 4 puppies and he changed his mind a week later and he “offered” them too but we had to drive them them straight to the vet as they were very sick and they died shortly after.
Lotus came to us, she was cleaned and the ticks removed, she was fed and her puppies taken care of too. She has still some milk in her breasts and her puppies can already start eating dry food so she accepted to share, she “adopted” a litter of 9 orphan puppies, born two days before and found in the forest in a paper box. Someone left them there to die. All puppies found homes and she is still waiting for an opportunity….
Lotus is the gentlest dog you can ever imagine, calm, lovely, affectionate and just so good.
With cats – she barks at stray cats that she sees through the window but she is gentle with the cats inside that are used to dogs. We think she can live with cats that are not afraid of dogs.

See pictures:

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