Green: never seen anything like this….


Name: Green

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: March 2016

Size: medium-big (20kg, 50cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:
Green came to us when he was a 2 months old puppy – someone found him on the street. We have never seen anything like this – he was covered with ticks, especially inside his ears he had so many ticks that there was no space for even one more. He was covered with fleas too. He was also full of internal parasites and his belly was so bloated because of the worms that he could nor even walk.
It took hours to remove the ticks. He was dewormed against internal parasites several times.
He had difficulty walking – his back legs were bent to the outside and he had difficulty carrying his little body. He would make a few steps and then fall. That was probably because of the belly – as it was so big and heavy. A few weeks past, he was dewormed regularly and the belly got smaller so he could walk better.
In the meantime he was diagnosed at the vet. He had hip dysplasia. He spent a number of weeks in the physiotherapy centre and his walking got better and he can know actually run and jump but one of his legs is weaker so when he runs he actually jumps like a rabbit. Just look at the videos.
It is something that will probably not get better than this. He is comfortable enough and he can have a normal quality life but he already has a “defect” so unfortunately it is not probable someone will ever offer him a home. Poor dog will spent a lifetime in the shelter. And he is so gentle, he loves people and he gets along with all dogs. Such a shame….

See pictures:

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November 2016:

June 2016:

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