Nancy, Norman, Nigel: puppies need home!


Name: Nancy (F), Norman, Nigel (M)

Gender: 1 F and 2 M

Age: d-o-b: 1-04-2017

Size: will be medium

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

A guy put a farm on sale. And he left. He left on the farm 5 dogs and 5 puppies to their own devices. The dogs were starving. The mother of the puppies was starving too and could not feed the puppies. The neighbours alerted the authorities and the complaint was made (do not get your hopes high). Someone went there to rescue the puppies. The adult dogs, including the mother are scared and difficult to catch, one bit the rescuer but the objective is to feed them and catch them, especially the mother as her babies need her. In the meantime the puppies were brought to safety and they ate as if there was no tomorrow. They are social, friendly and sweet although shy at the first encounter. In need of good homes and soon, otherwise they will become shy in the shelter due to limited human interaction.

See pictures:

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