Apuka: try to imagine what she felt


Name: Apuka

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: 13 September 2014

Size: small (8kg, 40cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Apuka’s owner committed suicide. He hang himself on her leash. Shame he did not leave her in a shelter before… For 12 days the neighbours were hearing a barking dog. They alerted the police when they smelled something out of ordinary. They took their time. When the police went there, on the 12th day, the smell was terrible. How could the neighbours ignore it so long?
The dog was beside herself. Imagine her stress, of course she understood that the person she loved was dead! All dogs love their owners, regardless…. She barked all the time for 12 days. He left lots of food and water. But she was still stressed.
The shelter was asked to take Apuka. Normally a dog from such situation would end up in a municipal pound but they are overcrowded and they euthanise dogs. So the shelter was asked to take her – as a favour and only favour as no payment from the state accompanies such request.
So Apuka was brought to the shelter. Very nervous. Just imagine what she has been through. You think dogs don’t understand? Don’t feel? Of course they do. But after a few days she has gained confidence towards the person who feeds her. She wants to trust again. She wants to have a home where she will be happy and cherished. She is a lovely and gentle dog.

See pictures:

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