Bamse: many many years on the chain


Name: Bamse

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: ~2006

Size: big (40kg, 60cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

Bamse (and his companion Bozo) was brought by his owner who sold his farm and of course thought dumping his dogs in the shelter was the solution.
He appeared at the gate of the shelter and you should see the chain that Bamse was carrying. A very heavy chain… He had that weighing on his neck since he was a puppy for 11 years. He has never been loose. What a sad life. What cruelty – that here is not considered cruelty.
And now he was brought to shelter but he is old so no one will adopt him. He was brought to die. His life was considered worthless. He will spend the rest of his time in a kennel and will die there, one day or night, alone.
The only good thing is that he can finally roam in the little space he has without this terrible weight on his neck. We have actually seen him playing with his companion. Such an old dog but he still wants to play. He actually seems happy with the change of circumstances.
And he is very gentle. Probably he was not much of a guard dog. He is big so he must have been making an impression. But not more. As he is super gentle.

See pictures:

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