Bodil: why those people were bothered by mere presence of gentle dogs?


Name: Bodil

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: beg-2016

Size: big (25kg, 50cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Three young dogs were living on the street – not the best but unfortunately common… At least they were protected. There was a lady who fed them daily and who had them neutered at her cost. She tried to find homes for them but she did not manage. Too many stray dogs all around and not enough good homes….. But at least they were more or less safe and cared for and noone seemed to mind.
They were living on the street just off an old people’s Home. At the beginning the Home did not mind. Then the Home’s management changed and one of the first things they did was calling the pound to remove the dogs from “their” street and euthanise them. The lady tried to negotiate – the dogs were so gentle and they would bring happiness to the residents so she proposed to have a kennel built at her cost on the grounds of the Home and they could live there. But the Home refused.
The pound did the usual thing – called a private shelter and aked them to receive the dogs otherwise – the usual emotional blackmail – as the pound is full, some dogs would have to be euthanised. They are the ones receiving money from the municipality for running the pound but they send the dogs to private shelters that do not receive any public subsidies. The dogs came without chips nor vaccinations (contrary to what was promised) so the pound had zero costs…
Anyway, at least the three girls are better off and will not be euthanized.
The three girls: Bodil, Tammy and Cindy are extremely sweet although a bit shy at the first encounter.
Bodil is the most relaxed and most outgoing, she is actually not worried about anything and she seems to be very used to people. Also social with other dogs and tolerant with cats. Very gentle!

See pictures:

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