Ineke: such a lovely dog, so unfair on her


Names: Ineke

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: March 2016

Size: small-medium (10kg, 40cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Ineke’s owner said she was moving to Angola. This is what she said in order to bring the dogs to the shelter. Now we actually hear she is not moving anywhere. She lied.
She did not even remember the name of the dog when she brought her. The dog lived in her yard in a kennel. A small dog like this in a kennel! And she has not been vaccinated for ages.
Actually the woman had 3 dogs. She brought all three to us. Each dog was living in her yard in a small kennel, separately. Not understandable. Dogs were deprived of human company already and she even deprived them of the company of each other? They were kept, each of them, day long in a small cage. And she did not know their names. Seriously! And their vaccinations were out of date. Great dog owner.
Her daughter who let her mother dump the dogs in the shelter made a war on us on facebook (instead of being ashamed, grateful and humble) saying that we were not kind enough because her mother loved her dogs. She gave them meat, not just bones. Woooow.

Ineke is very sweet with people, lovely, social and friendly. Very cuddly! She deserves much better. She wasted 2 years of her life on someone who did not know to appreciate, hopefully the rest of her life will not be wasted anymore.

See pictures:

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