Amelia: such a sad story….


Name: Amelia

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: January 2016

Size: small (6kg, 35cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

In June 2019 someone brought a little dog to the shelter. She had been hit by car. She was completely unconscious, her body was twisted, her eye was bloodshot. We thought she would die. She was taken to a vet where for a number of days she was between life and death but finally she pulled through. Not without consequences though. Her front left leg was broken and even if it was put together it did not grow perfectly even and she will always limp on this leg. She also lost sight in her left eye.
We saved her life but for what…. to make her a handicapped dog that will never get adopted?
Amelia is quite shy. She must have been badly treated as she is quite nervous. She is very gentle, she might be scared but she never bites, but she takes time to trust. She seems sad…. Will she still have a chance to be loved and have a home of her own one day?

See pictures:

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