Scamp: the gentlest dog ever


Names: Scamp

Gender: M

Breed: x German shepherd

D-o-b: ~2017

Size: big (30kg, 55cm)

Others: Vaccinated, dewormed

Scamp was rescued from a place where a person had 14 dogs in terrible conditions. A woman kept her dogs in a tiny space and even if she said she likes her dogs, she was not feeding them. 13 small dogs were kept like this, hungry and dirty. The woman also had Scamp but he was too big to be let inside the house, he was allowed to enter the kitchen and leave as he pleased. And that was his chance. He was the only one that did not go hungry as the other people in the village fed him and the only one that was not oblige to pee and poo in the same place he slept in.
Scamp was rescued together with the small dogs but contrary to them he experienced more human kindness than evil as he spent more time with the neighbours and with his ex-owner. He is very gentle and sweet and he just loves people. He is good on the leash and he gives paw when you ask him and also when you don’t just in case. He is used to other dogs, as he was sometimes allowed near his small “brothers” and “sisters”, he seems to have lots of empathy, as if he understood the evil they were subjected to as he is very nice to all dogs, small and big, males and females. He is just sooo gentle. Great dog. Better than many humans.

See pictures:

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