Quentin: it is so sad to see the dog unwanted


Name: Quentin

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: 19 September 2015

Size: medium-big (23kg, 55cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

Quentin appeared on the street, he was there for several months and someone was feeding him. At some point he got bitten by another dog and taken to the vet to be treated and like this it was discovered that he had a chip.
There was no happy ending though. The data of the chip showed that the dog was declared dead a year before. Why would an owner do that? We have only one explanation: most probably the dog was lost or run away and the owner instead of looking for him declared him dead so she would not have to pay the tax. This is how much she cared for the dog….
We tried to contact the owner anyway but the telephone is switched off and she does not live at the address indicated for years (it was a rented house and the family that rented moved out). In any case the owner would not want the dog as she was so quick in declaring him dead instead of looking for him.

Quentin is a nice and gentle dog. It is heart-breaking to know that he was someone’s pet and when he got lost they did not care. That for a year he had to survive on the street without anyone looking for him. He deserves much better. He deserves to have a home again and to be loved.
He is gentle, obedient, friendly and good on the leash. He is friendly with other dogs.

See pictures:

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