Rudy: lovely dog used to living in a home


Name: Rudy

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: July 2013

Size: medium (13kg, 45cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

Rudy was found one Sunday tied to the fence of the shelter, early morning, before anyone arrived to the shelter.

We managed to trace his story. Rudys owner died two years before. Rudy was around 6 years old then. His ex-owner got him as a puppy when he was over 80 (in fact his grandson gave the dog to him as a present). Yes, he loved his dog very much but only as long as he was alive and his life was expectedly shorter than the dog. Rudy was loved and cared for then and his book of vaccinations was a proof – he was regularly vaccinated and his health was monitored well.

When the owner died, his son took Rudy home, although reluctantly. The dog was kept in a yard, he was not allowed to enter home anymore and he has never seen a vet anymore. No more vaccinations.

And then… one day Rudy was found tied to the fence of the shelter.

We had the chip checked. It was registered. We called – it was the grandson. He lives in Lisbon. He said the dog lives with his father, in our area, so he did not understand what happened. He called his father. His father had been in the hospital for 4 DAYS already. The son did not know. No comments….

In any case the man was in the hospital and replying his telephone but he has not called anyone to inform that his dog was left in the yard alone without any care. There was some water available but no food. The dog had not eaten for 4 days. We don´t know how the dog ended up in the shelter and the owner could not explain either but obviously someone broke into the yard and took the dog from there and tied him to the fence of the shelter. Not the best way to do it but otherwise the dog would probably die of hunger. So an anonymous person that illegally entered someone´s property saved the life of the dog.

The owner and his son did not want the dog back. They were happy to sign the necessary documents to pass him to the shelter.

Rudy is looking for a new where he can be loved again… He was loved once. You can see that… he walks well on the leash, he sits on commands, he lies down on command, he is extremely gentle. He is used to living in a home, such a shame to have such an easy dog in the shelter, he deserves better. He is sweet with other dogs. Friendly with everyone. He likes goodies, he already knows things but he can be taught more with goodies.

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