Mini: poor little girl


Name: Mini

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: ~2016

Size: small-medium (10kg, 35cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:

Mini was brought to us because her owner died. A year ago. Since then she was kept on a balcony in an apartment that belonged to her ex-owner that stayed vacant. She was kept on a balcony. She was never walked. Someone was coming irregularly to give her food and water but no attention and no walks.

This is why she put on weight. She weighs much more than she should for her size. But after a year without exercise what else to expect… But nowadays she is walking on the ground of the shelter every day and we hope she will loose weight quickly.

Her front paws are twisted and bent. Look at the photos. She was probably born like this. But it also means that it is more difficult for her to walk carrying all this weight. She does walk and she even climbs the stairs but she walks slowly and she will never be up to long walks. Just see the movies.

Apart from this she is extremely sweet and gentle. Poor little girl, she deserves better. All she wants is to be cuddled. She turns belly up as soon as you give her some attention. She is also friendly with other dogs.

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