Dogs of Portugal is a group of young, multicultural, highly motivated, men and women that devote – on a voluntary, non remunerated basis – their short free time to improve the living standards of abandoned and mistreated dogs in Portugal.

We have different nationalities, different professional backgrounds (from the services to the health industry, or legal practice to the armed and security forces), but are strongly united under the premise of upgrading the animal welfare practices in Portugal to the highest standards achieved in the most advanced countries in the world.

We do not run a shelter. But we create a support to a wonderful dog sanctuary called Cantinho da Milu in Setubal. We concentrate on rehoming – we link the dogs to hundreds of potential new owners through our network of animal associations in northern Europe.

We are up to the Challenge: The Core of Dogs of Portugal is composed of people with years of experience as volunteers and even ex-Directors of some of the most highly regarded animal charities throughout Portugal. These core members coordinate their own projects, manage their own resources and designate their own objectives and timetable. Foresight and Planning are paramount: All projects of Dogs of Portugal are to be finished, within schedule and within budget!

We are better because: we have shed like an old skin the paralysing, bureaucratic structures that plague most of other animal charities.

We do things better because: we have the experience, the skills and the know-how.

We will be better because: our organization is in perpetual change:

We learn from our mistakes

We innovate

We upgrade

We deliver what we promise.


Please join us!