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We – Dogs of Portugal – do adoptions in Portugal and abroad. In (continental) Portugal you can come to shelter to choose a dog or we can bring the dog to your home – we are ready to drive a reasonable distance to deliver a dog to you but contact us before about that. We also do adoptions abroad, if you are in another country please contact us and we will be able to assist you if we have a partner organisation in this country.
How does it work? It requires a visit to your home by our foreign partner.
Dogs are vaccinated, dewormed, with a chip and tested for leishmaniose, heart worm and tick fever. All adult dogs are neutered. If you adopt a puppy from us, you sign an adoption form in which you undertake the commitment to neuter.

Our dogs come from Cantinho da Milu (Milu’s corner). This shelter is a private shelter in Portugal belonging to a brave lady, Milu, who has over 600 dogs rescued from the streets. The dogs are well treated, vaccinated, neutered but in need of real homes.
Please see the webpage of the Cantinho (in Portuguese): or follow the present blog.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog please take into consideration the following elements:

So You Think You Want a Dog?: 4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Dog

Once you have adopted a dog, here are some tips for the first days:

Once you have adopted a cat, here are some tips for the first days:

Contact us at: if you would like to adopt one of our dogs or cats.

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