How to help?


1. We need volunteers to help in the shelter.
There is always plenty to do. Please bear in mind however that apart from brushing the dogs, playing with them, taking pictures, doing little jobs, cleaning is a big part of every day tasks. We expect volunteers to give hand to the staff in cleaning the kennels.

Moreover, if you live in the area you can help by taking dogs to the vet. During the week there is always one or another dog that needs a trip to the vet.


2. Socialising shy dogs : some of the dogs have their past, often unknown to us. And this is why they are afraid of people. People must have hurt them. Before finding a new home for them, they need to be socialised – we need to restore their trust in humans. This is where we need your help. Choose one dog you would like to help and devote to it your attention.


3. Follow-up adoptions: when the dog has been adopted in Portugal we would like to make at least one post-adoption visit to verify that everything is OK and also give the new owners support if there are any difficulties. You can join our adoption team and help us with the visits.


4. Donations: anything is needed. Especially:

  • dry food and canned food,
  • blankets for winter,
  • collars, harnesses and leashes,
  • spot-on against fleas and ticks (like Advantix or Frontline),
  • Scalibor collars,
  • medications (Actidox, Amoxicilina, Rimadyl and others), ear drops (Conofite, Aurizon, Otodine)
  • pharmacy (plasters, bandages, syringes, gauze, sterile gloves…),
  • trees that grow quickly and don’t lose leaves in winter (and help to plant them!).


5. Monetary donations:  Milu receives very little financial donations and she spends lots of her own money on the dogs: vet bills, medications, food. Any financial donation is helpful. Bank account number of Cantinho da Milu is: 0036 0043 99100460864 12 (Banco Montepio)

For international transactions:
Name: Cantinho da Milu
address: Aldeia Grande, 2900 Setubal, Portugal
IBAN: PT50 0036 0043 9910 0460 8641 2


6. Fostering (sponsoring) dogs: many dogs stay with Milu for very long time and fostering a dog can help with the usual life expenses – food, vaccinations, eventual medications, spot-on, bath. You can choose your dog and foster (sponsor) it either by paying a chosen amount to Cantinho’s account or simply send a Scalibor/Seresto collar, a spot-on, a snack, a toy or required medications. We make sure “your” dog gets it. And you get from us a “thank-you certificate” with the picture of your dog.


7. Flight assistance: some of our dogs get new homes abroad: in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark…. If you fly to one of those destinations you can be our “flight partner”. We bring you the dog to the airport, with all the required documentation and transporting box, pay for the dog’s ticket, help you with the check-in and our foreign partner meets you at the destination airport to receive the dog. This is a very important help for us.

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