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Hatchi: so sorry for him


Names: Hatchi

Gender: M

Breed: Akita Inu

D-o-b: October 2012

Size: medium-big (20kg, 50cm)

Others: Vaccinated, dewormed

Hatchi was surrendered to the shelter by his owners.
He is very sweet and gentle. Really nice dog. We love him. He loves us. And he gets along with all other dogs.
Unfortunately he suffers from an inflammatory skin disease (Sebaceous Adenitis). It is a quite common disease for this breed. We have tried treating him but it is very difficult in the shelter where he is all day on the sandy floor. Probably in an apartment it would be easier. In fact there is no cure for this condition, but he could improve with a lifelong treatment. He needs bath with anti-bacterial shampoo on regular basis and massaging skin with mineral oil but in any case akitas are known to be more resistant to the treatment then other dogs. We don’t see an improvement since we got him.
So sorry for him. Such a gentle dog.

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