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Morven: she suffered enough….


Name: Morven

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: mid-2014

Size: medium (15kg, 40cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Someone was alerted that a female dog had given birth inside spiny bushes by the side of the road. In was over 40ºC outside, so that someone decided to check how she was doing. The dog was in the middle of nowhere in the outskirts of a village, with no food or water – how could she feed her puppies? So she started walking there and giving the dog food and water every day. She would bark, defending the puppies and she wouldn’t let people approach. One day, while providing food and water a gipsy stopped: “The dog is mine! I live down the road.”, he yelled. So she asked, “If it’s yours why is it here with no food or water?” and he just kept saying the dog was his, over and over. No wonder she didn’t trust humans… she probably was never shown any affection….. not even fed with puppies to raise.
Two weeks after, Morven – this is how she is called now – decided to trust. After leaving the food and the water the person left, and Morven followed. Then the person stopped and called her. She came, sniffed her hand, gave her a kiss and sat down to be petted. The next day when the person arrived, she didn’t bark anymore… she came to the food dish and patiently took food from her hands and sat down while food was being poured. And everytime the person would leave, she would follow.
On the third day, the person decided to look for the puppies… There was only one survivor…. She was named Catriona. This sweet and beautiful puppy was enclosed behind a stone wall. She was crying for her mother and she could not get out. The person had to take out the stone that was blocking her passage. Maybe it was the gipsies who enclosed her there to die, so that the mother would return home. She was saved just in time.
On the last day, Morven jumped on the lap of her rescuer. She had enough of the gipsy life and wanted better for herself and her puppy. Catriona came also when called. They were taken to a shelter where they are awaiting to be adopted. The puppy for adopted quickly.
Morven is still waiting. She is gentle, calm, friendly, attachable. She walks well on the leash and gets along with all other dogs.

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