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Sebastiao: breaks your heart to look at him


Name: Sebastiao

Gender: M

Age: D-o-b ~2013

Breed: x pequines

Size: small (7kg, 30cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:
An old woman had two dogs but one day she was not able to take care of herself anymore so she had to go to an assisted living home. Her daughter found someone who accepted the dogs. The conditions were horrible but she did not care as long as she got rid of the dogs. From a warm and comfortable home where they were cared for, the dogs ended up in a patch of land, no protection against rain and sun and no sleeping arrangements. They were never cared for anymore and after months of that life their fur was overgrown, matted and they were covered with ticks.
Finally someone cared and rescued them and they were brought to the shelter.

Sebastiao is nervous and confused after what happened to him. He hides in the corner and growls – because he is scared. But when we put the leash on him he walks obediently. Once out of the shelter he calms down and accepts cuddles. He needs time. But we know that once he starts trusting again he will be a great dog.

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