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Ferdinand, Fritz, Fuxia, Freda and Friedel: such lovely gentle puppies


Name: Ferdinand, Fritz, Fuxia, Freda and Friedel (Friedel reserved)

Gender: Ferdinand and Fritz (M), Fuxia, Freda and Friedel (F)

Age: d-o-b: beg-May 2019

Size: will be medium (they are all different, their sizes as adult will vary)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

Five beautiful puppies were found on the street. Gentle, sweet, calm temperament puppies.
There are 5 siblings but they are all different. Fritz, the first boy, is bigger than the others. He will grow into a rather big dog. Fuxia and Freda will be medium. Their bodies look like galgos, skinny and tall, with long thin tail although their fur is wiry, like podengos. Ferdidand and Friedel will be rather small, like small Portuguese podengos. They have wiry fur, short tails and short legs. They will probably not grow much.
All very gentle and friendly.

See pictures:

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