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Spot-on: protecting the dogs against ticks, fleas, mosquitos

On Saturday the 29th of October our team managed to put Advantix and Pulvex spot-ons on all the dogs in the shelter (with the exceptions of those that got Scalibor collars in September and October). It was a task for a whole team and for a whole day but finally the dogs are well protected.
We are grateful to everyone who made it possible with their donations. Thank you!

If you still want to send Scalibor collars or Advantix spot-ons, please do! They are needed all time. Now we especially need Advocate spot-ons as some dogs are allergic and this are the only products they can use.

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Volunteers from Germany

For the last few days we had volunteers from Germany in the shelter, who survived, regardless the terrible weather, flood and deluge! Thank you Kai, Annika, Carina and Marion.

If you would like to come and volunteer too, contact us by email!

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